8 Reasons Sony A5000 Is My Go-To Digital Camera

There are three things I cannot go without when travelling: my wallet, iPhone, and my digital camera. Firstly, obviously I cannot move without money; secondly, my iPhone is my ultimate savior when getting lost in a place where I am at and also the device that works as my eyes that share the world what I see; and lastly, my digital SLR camera — for raw pictures and quality still shots of whatever I find interesting.

Both my iPhone and DSLR are my most used devices when travelling. This is because if not a travel photographer, at least I think I am a travel photography enthusiast. I take photos of the places I go to, its people, and unfamiliar things using my iPhone and DSLR all the time for two reasons: iPhone is my real-time digital camera — meaning, it is my medium for photos I want to publish right away; and my DSLR is for more complicated options — for images I would process when I get back from my trip to publish on my online portfolio or on my blog.

sony a5000
Sony A5000

Image source: Sony Philippines Website

This is why the Sony A5000 is probably the best digital camera for people like me. Below is the list of 8 things I can think of why it is my go-to digital camera:

  1. It’s handy. The number one thing I dislike about using a DSLR for my travels is because it is bulky and heavy. Most of the hours I spend when on a trip specially if it is outside the country is for walking. And sometimes, carrying an extremely heavy camera on my neck is such a pain — and when carrying it in my hand, it is too big. This is what I love about the Sony A5000, it is compact, light, and easy to carry around.
  2. Wifi/NFC. The wifi feature of the Sony A5000 is used for file transfer to devices such as your smartphone or whatnot. When you are using a DSLR for your travel photos, you cannot transfer it right away to your phone for you to publish it real time. Not with the Sony A5000 because through its wifi feature, you can connect it to your iPhone (or any mobile devices) and transfer the pictures you took using Sony A5000. Or if you have a Sony smartphone, you can use NFC to transfer files. Such a hugger for guys like me who love to share the pictures they shot real-time. #ATM LOL
  3. It’s Whopping 20.1 MP. This size is enough for decent billboard photos! And definitely great stuff for DSLR quality images. What’s not to love?
  4. Pop-up Flash. The Sony A5000 has a pop-up flash almost the same with the ones on DSLRs and produces the same image quality.
  5. Flippable LCD Display. This one right here is another hugger! I find it really helpful because I take photos at a different perspective such as worm’s eyeview and with an LCD Display that works as the viewer and can be flipped to your convenience is something to consider. Also, it is a great feature when taking selfies using the Sony A5000.
  6. It’s Perfect for Vlogging. If you vlog, the Sony A5000 got you. The flippable LCD display is great for selfies; and when you record your travels for your vlogs, you know you will love Sony A5000.
  7. It’s Mirrorless. Although when you purchase a Sony A5000 it comes with a powerful zoom lens, you can still use other lenses — same lens that you use for your Sony DSLR if you have one. It’s totally like having a DSLR camera at a size of three times less!
  8. RAW/JPEG. You can take RAW images just like on DSLRs! Enough said! πŸ™‚

These are the reasons Sony A5000 is the perfect go-to digital camera for a travel blogger, travel photography enthusiast like me — it makes everything a little more convenient. πŸ˜‰

– N

8 Reasons Sony A5000 Is My Go-To Digital Camera