Lake Sebu

I flew to the lowermost part of the Philippines for my first solo travel this year to experience Lake Sebu. It is an actual lake in a small town also called Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, Mindanao. Before I leave for this trip, my mother, sister, friends, and office friends kept on telling me to take care, for obvious reasons that it is just a few hours away from where the bandits are nesting. To be honest, I kind of hesitated because of its reputation but still followed my guts, that everything will be fine. So I decided to go. But as expected, it has the warmest people. 🙂

It’s amazing to find peace in a place where most people perceive is lacking. 🙂

Here is a video of my adventures in Lake Sebu:


Things you must try:

  1. Seven Falls Zipline
  2. Extreme River Tubing
  3. Water Biking

Places to visit:

  1. Divine Mercy Garden
  2. Lotus Watching on Lake Sebu
  3. Bai Lang Dulay
  4. T’Boli Homestay
  5. Seven Falls
  6. T’Boli Museum

I will update this post soon for my Guide to Lake Sebu. 😉

Be well,

Lake Sebu

I will come again, Camiguin!

Disclaimer: This is a long post with a lot of group pictures. :p

Last January, my friends and I went down south to finally experience Mindanao. It was our first trip together and my first out of town trip this year. Being too excited, I was the first one to arrive at the airport; also because I opted to go straight from the office. It was almost forever since the last time I flew and I missed the moment of waiting for your flight and the ambiance of the departure area.

Laguindingan Airport View
The view from Laguindingan Airport.

We arrived at the Laguindingan Airport at around 2:00 p.m. There were vans outside the arrival area that are available to give a lift to the town proper for P199.00 per person. We managed to score a Toyota Innova for P150.00 per person to send us to our booked place. 🙂

There was a little misunderstanding when we arrived at the condo unit I booked for us. The security guards on duty were confused with the name of the owner of the unit. We were able to get in after roughly 40 minutes.

Since we didn’t have any plans for our first day in Cagayan De Oro, we just hung out a bit at our rented place and decided to go to the mall which is fortunately just outside the condo. We got back after stuffing ourselves with late lunch and scheduled a movie date in the evening. 😀

This is us fooling around inside the condo unit. 😀


We headed to Balingoan Port early morning of the next day to catch the ferry boat bound for Camiguin Island. The ticket costs P170.00 plus the extra payments (environmental fee, etc. which costs P15.00 and P2.00) per person. It was a slow ride to Camiguin Island; the ferry took an hour to reach Benoni Port. From there, we started our Camiguin Island adventure! 🙂

We booked The Yellow House for our 3 day-stay in Camiguin. The place was a bit difficult to locate because the locals were not very familiar with it. But the owner Ate Nena was helpful enough to instruct the drivers how to get there. The place was very solemn — something that you would mistake for a retreat house; the very calm caretaker Manilyn made it even more relaxing. 🙂

The four of us are probably the laziest people in the world; we just stayed indoors until around 3:00 p.m. to check out the White Island. We reached the white beach through habal-habal. The ticket for a boat ride from the port to the island costs around P170.00 per person. Below are some of the pictures we took while on the White Island. 🙂

boat to wi
My squad’s boat ride to the White Island.
White Island pano
The White Island

white island

One more groufie on this beautiful place. 😉

We were also lucky to witness a union on the beach. We were hoping we didn’t photobomb some of their pictures. Haha 😀

The White Island wedding.

When we got back to The Yellow House, we asked Manilyn if she can cook us dinner. She was hesitant at first but said yes after asking Ate Nena to do it. Haha, poor Manilyn. But hey, her adobo was very good. 😉

The day after was planned for touring around Camiguin — that includes checking out the falls, springs (hot and cold), ruins, and a lot more. Below are the pictures we took from the tour.

old volc
That’s the Old Volcano in the background. Haha, kind of.

old church ruins

This is me, walking around the Old Church Ruins because why not. 😀 I really loved the small castle in the background.

camel tree
That tree in the background is more than a hundred years old. They call it the Camel Tree for a reason we forgot to ask.
sunken cemetery
The Sunken Cemetery.
cold spring
Cold Spring.
Us at Katibawasan Falls.
Me and the Katibawasan Falls.

It was indeed a great vacation. The locals were very kind, too. I would love to go back there probably just to relax or buy as many Pastel as I can. 😀

One last look at the island of Camiguin:

camiguin island
Camiguin Island.

I will definitely Camiguin (come again)! 😉

I will come again, Camiguin!