Thank you, 2016!

Happy New Year! This is a year-ender post so, it’s quite long. πŸ˜…

I ended 2015 with new relationships with the amazing people I met at my new job and with the folks I went with when climbing the picturesque mountains of Laguna and Batangas; with a lot of travels locally with some of my favorite people; with new experiences from every quarter of it; with memories — both good and not so good; and with lessons that left indelible marks in my heart. I was one of those hopefuls; hoping that 2016 will be a better year. But my 2016 was not a better year, it was my most AMAZING YEAR, yet! 😍

I haven’t done a year-ender post in a while (last time was 2011), and similar to my previous year-enders, I will highlight the best moments of every month of my 2016. So here it goes!


I never knew I would start my year with my first ever paid modeling project! There was a time in my life that I attended auditions and did VTRs hoping to land an acting project or a TVC and print ad project that would pay me a fortune but to no avail, and then I got tired and stopped and focused on more important things. And then Grab happened. It didn’t pay much but I was happy the fire inside me rekindled.

Grab Philippines’ Website
Grab PH Facebook Ad

It was also the first time I got to travel outside Laguna with my favorite people from college.


Got my baby! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—


Back at Enchanted Kingdom with the new people I met on that day. And remained friends since!


Every year, I go to a place that I have never been to, alone…Β on my birthday. This year, I finally got to visit Coron.

Celebrated my third decade alone on one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines! I only realised one thing after this, traveling alone is addictive!


Back at attending go-sees and VTRs, and fortunately, the one I attended this month landed me a series of modelling gigs that lasted until November. Such a humbling experience; I met a lot of cool people, too!


Visited Sagada at last! I have always wanted to visit this place long before That Thing Called Tadhana, and wanted to go even more after seeing the movie. I had the real Sagada experience with my favorite people from work. Got so great memories from that trip! ❀️


El Nido! One of my best friends Leslie went home after forever!


Another solo travel for me and this time I went to Boracay, after several years. I first visited Boracay last 2009 with friends from college. Ever since I remained in love with the island. If you have been there, you know why.

I went there alone and came back home with new friends I met from PubCrawl!

With the amazing people I met at PubCrawl Boracay. Photo credit: Pinky Veloso


Japan! Enough said. 😍


Went back to Boracay with Dhang! It was our first time riding a ferry to Caticlan. It was a 12-hour ride from Batangas. Dhang liked it but me not so much. Haha


Deltek’s 2016 Year End Party! We joined DelteKinetics last year, it’s an annual dance competition in Deltek and we placed second.

This year, we kept the place. Consistency is key people! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Deltek Dance Crew


Deltek Dance Crew during awarding.


JENESYS 2016 Batch 5: Economics. I have so much to tell about this and I’m putting up a page on my blog about my experience. Hopefully I get to finish it before January ends.

JENESYS was one of the highlights of my 2016! I learned so much about Japan and the rich culture of the ASEAN countries! I can’t wait to share it to you!

I did not expect 2016 to be this wonderful! I just hoped for the best and I had the most amazing year I have had, yet! Although this year has been cruel to the world particularly in politics (need I say more? Haha), show business (for taking our favorite Hollywood artists from us), and with everything in general, I would say 2016 has been so kind to me and it treated me so well. I’m not expecting for 2017 to top that but I promise to work hard and bring it!

Thank you so much, 2016! 😊


Thank you, 2016!