The Master Cleanse


The Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemon Detox Diet and Maple Syrup Diet, is a liquid diet created by alternative medicine performer Stanley Burroughs in 1941, and promoted by Peter Glickman in the 1990s. Burroughs described it as a “detoxification program” and weight loss diet that aids in the removal of allegedly harmful, nonspecific toxins as well as a cure for ulcers and a general panacea. There is no scientific evidence that it removes any “toxins”, or that this diet achieves anything beyond temporary weight loss. Though unlikely to be harmful over the short term, it can be harmful over the long term. – From Wiki

Alright, for those people who want to know how I do it, here it is.

It was introduced by a good friend Beau last year. I tried but on my first attempt, it only lasted a day. :p
This is my personal program, it’s up to you if you’re gonna do the same thing or google more information about this diet.
This lemonade detox has 5, 10, 25, 30 up to 50 day program. You can’t do over 50, like what wiki said
it can be harmful over the long term, the most suggested is the 10-15 day program (which what I am trying to achieve).

To start with, on the day before you do the Master Cleanse, be a Fruitarian/Vegetarian. Just eat fruits and veggies apparently, that is for your tummy to be prepared for the cleansing. And then the next morning, do the Seasalt Water Colon Flush.

The Seasalt Water Colon Flush:


1 glass of warm water
2 full teaspoons of ORGANIC SEA SALT. It is in bold and upper case. It means you can not use any other kind of salt, just organic sea salt.


Mix them all together and drink it as fast as you can.
Trust me, you’re not gonna love the taste, it’s so nasty. I got chills every time I drink it and makes me want to throw everything up.
And then, after roughly an hour, I’m sure the first thing you’re gonna look for is the bathroom. :p
When you feel like farting, don’t trust it because you’ll be peeing right out of your ass! Seriously.
This will surely help when you have digestive problems. 🙂

And after all the trips to the bathroom, when you feel the need to eat, then it’s time for The Master Cleanse also known as The Lemonade Detox!

WARNING: While you’re in the program, you can’t cheat! It’ll ruin everything (and when I say everything, it means your metabolism).

The Lemonade Detox:


1 glass of hot or cold or warm water, which ever you prefer.
2 tablespoons of FRESH SQUEEZED lemon juice (or squeeze one fresh lemon, it’s enough for a 500ml-tumbler).
1-2 tablespoons of ORGANIC GRADE B MAPLE SYRUP (Clearly, it has to be an organic grade B maple syrup, again, you can not use any kind. Try the Cadia Maple Syrup. I love it, I ended up tippling all of it while in the program. :p).
1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (You can’t use any other pepper).


Mix them all together and then throw it all away. Duh.
You can consume lemonade as many glasses as you want in a day.

Whenever you feel hungry just have this. You can’t eat anything not even fruits/veggies while you’re in the program or else you’ll ruin it (and your stomach will explode, believe me!). This program will shut off your digestion as it cleanses and detoxify your body. So if you consume any solids in the middle of the program, you wont be able to burn it! You’ll have to go back to step 1 again.

Just do this everyday, depending on your chosen program (5,10,20,50 days).

Every morning, salt water colon flush and after the trips to the bathroom, have lemonade or whenever you feel hungry. Do this over and over again until you reach your target weight.

Don’t worry, lemons with cayenne are good food substitute. If you’ll experience headaches or dizziness, it’s fine, that is because you are releasing all the toxins and poisons from your body.

You will lose 1-2lbs a day, everyday. On your fourth day to rest, you’ll feel light, fresh and energetic. You’ll notice that your skin starts to glow too. Because that’s what I felt on my fourth day not to mention, I lost 10lbs. Well, I bet it was just my water weight.

On the very first day after your lemonade detox, do the 4-day metabolism build up.

Metabolism Build Up

1st day: Consume only orange juice and water. Still no solid food.

2nd & 3rd day: Orange juice, water and little bowl of veggies/fruits. Still, just take small amount of fruits/veggies.

4th day: Same thing, you can now eat meat gradually.

It is necessary to do the 4-day build up to build up your digestion and metabolism back.

And also, don’t forget to follow instructions, I learned from my mistakes already for not following some of the to-dos for this program and it sucked. Really. :-r

The 5-day program is fine just to detoxify your body and release all toxins and poisons.

The 10-day program and up, is perfect to detoxify your body and at the same time, lose weight.

I forgot to include the other three ingredients of this diet for you to succeed. 

Exercise, determination and discipline. 🙂

Good luck and don’t forget to share your experience!


18 thoughts on “The Master Cleanse

  1. david says:

    Where in PINAS can I buy those ORGANIC SEA SALT AND ORGANIC GRADE B MAPLE SYRUP? haha. I’m not angry. I just want to ask. =D

    1. There are tons of organic stores in the Philippines.
      I get mine from Healthy Options, you can get organic stuff in Santi’s too.

      After trying this, share your experience here. 🙂

  2. healthconscious says:

    hi, any update about your progress? Will be starting my MC soon. As for the sea salt water flush, I think the original recipe calls for one liter of water and 2 tsp salt, not just one glass of water. (unless the glass is one liter tall ;p)

    Great blog by the wait. Can’t wait for updates. 🙂

    1. Sure! Regarding my recent cleanse, I lost roughly 10lbs (again), it only lasted 10 days which is my regular program.
      About the sea salt water flush, I have one mug with 1 teaspoon (more or less) of organic sea salt every morning. It works fine with me though.
      Thanks for dropping by! 😉

  3. Melinda Cabe Buñag says:

    I heard this master cleanse from Kris A. the other day when Ms. Lucy Torres-Gomez guested on her KRIS TV program!!! I wanted to try it just to cleanse out or detoxify my system!!! I will try when I’ll found an Organic grade B Maple Syrup….and is it possible if I’ll used a cayenne pepper by McCormick!!! Please advise where I can buy the Cadia Maple Syrup!!! thanks and GBU

    1. Are you in the Philippines?
      I buy organic stuff from Healthy Options.
      Everything you need for a Master Cleanse program is there.
      You can ask their sales attendant. 🙂

      Good luck! Share your experience here! 🙂

  4. Danielle says:

    I really want to try the sea salt cleanse, but am frightened. I heard it could not work and just leave you bloated and dehydrated. I bought the organic sea salt and would love to try. It definitely worked? Did you do it in the am? Thanks !

  5. Arkhaye says:

    Hi, nice blog! I will start mine this summer break.. I just wanna ask if i’m allowed to drink water while on the lemon deteox program? Thanks!

  6. Arkhaye says:

    Thanks! I will definitely share it.. I just hope it’ll work for me.. Laat question, how much do i need to consume everyday? I mean the detox juice.. 8-10 glasses?

    1. You can consume as many lemonade detox as you want in a day. I usually have 2 liters of lemonade detox a day. 🙂

      Visit for more information. I haven’t updated this post for a while now and a lot changed in the program. 🙂

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